Dowd Junction Pumphouse

In the fall of 2013, work began on the installation of a new intake structure in the Gore Creek to allow Vail Associates access to the water for their snow making process.  This required a coffer damn to allow us to set the intake structure and piping to the existing pumphouse. This needed to be done within 2 days as to not interrupt the spawning cycle of the fish.

Nottingham Lake Liner

In the summer of 2013, the process began to replace the PVC liner of Nottingham Lake in Avon, Colorado to stop water from leaking into the ground.  The dirt was scraped off the liner and stockpiled within the lake.  The old liner was then removed in pieces.  The new liner was rolled into place and the cover dirt was placed back on top for protection.  The project also included improvements to the fishing pier, pump house, and wetland areas.  The project included extensive dewatering from weeks of rainfall.   The project was finished with the placement of boulders as slope protection and landscape beautification around the perimeter of the lake.

Brush Creek Intake

In the fall of 2016 the Town of Eagle needed a new intake structure in the Brush Creek.  Water was diverted using an earth berm to created space for the new concrete structure to be placed in the creek.  The creek was restored to prior conditions upon completion.

Gore Creek Sewer Repair

In October of 2011, an emergency repair was needed.  This required the replacement 60 feet of damaged sewer line under water in the Gore Creek in Vail, Colorado. The project was located near the skier bridge behind the Cascade building.  Water was diverted and a coffer dam was used to allow access.

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Waterway Projects

CO River Boat Ramp

In the summer of 2013 installation of a recreational boat ramp on Eagle County Open Space along the Colorado River was completed.  The improvements included a 100 foot concrete boat ramp, parking lot, restrooms, and handicap accessibility.  This project required using a coffer dam in the river to prep the subgrade and pour the concrete for the ramp.